Type: Business

Design: Dudong and Zhou Xiaoshan

Hillshouse Design Studio has designed an experiential store for online women's clothing brand T.P Products in 798 Art Zone of Chaoyang, Beijing. The main concept of design is to create an environment full of plant and natural light.



The first floor and the second floor areconnected by inclined stairs, which makes the space full of vertical upwardrhythm. The sloping staircase faces the street, arouses the curiosity oftourists and encourages them to enter the exhibition area on the second floor.

卫生间入口 Bathroom entrance


二层入口 Two level entry

The two-storey original wall was knocked out, which made the exhibition space more transparent and open. Lines between each block intersect the plane. To create a pure and bright space.

二层展示空间 Second floor exhibition space

Designers customize seats for space, andthe combination of affinity wood elements and modularization keeps the volumefrom looking too dense. This form of shop assistant can flexibly adjust theposition, the designer's original intention is to let the lively, dynamic spacewith the growth of the store has been changing.




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